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We use the NFHS-NHIAA rules when there isn't a different MBL rule.

Good sportsmanship begins with you, can’t stress

this enough.

Review the MBL league rules - follow them!

At no times will the coaches address the opposing score keepers or time keeper with aggressive behavior. At no times will the coach have behavior that is offesive or aggressive. If this happens and is sent to the league, this may be called for dimissal.

At any time, there is aggressive behavior by any family members/fans. Please address them with a warning, if it continues they should be asked to leave the facility. At no time will they address the officials or opposing teams.

Please communicate to your director whether you feel it is not safe to travel through winter months so the opposing teams can be notified. Please communicate with enough time.

Someone that is dressed but isn’t able to play, let the other coach know for equal playing time rule.

Chain of Command -

  1. Parents will address you first.
  2. You will address your director first.
  3. Please don’t contact the league first, unless your director isn't available or it concerns your director.

Mercy Rule - 

  • The Mercy Rule will be implemented when a team is ahead by 20 points for 3/4, 5/6, & 7/8 and 30 for HS and at this time there will be a 30 second "REF" timeout to allow the coaches to explain to the players that the Mercy Rule is in effect. We do not want the coaches or teammates yelling onto the court that the mercy rule is in effect. It will stay in effect until the team reaches 15 point difference. 
  • The team that is ahead by 20 cannot press and defense must be within the 3-point arc. Three point shots will not be counted. A minimum of three (3) passes must be made before a shot. If a shot is made before the three (3) passes the shot doesn't count. There are to be no break away for the team that is up by 20.

Overtime -

There is NO overtime, unless there is NO game after, both teams agree and also agreed by the refs. Overtime is 4 minutes.


Arm sleeves, knee sleeves, lower leg sleeves and tights are permissible –

  • As for sleeves, this includes Leggings, arm, knees and compression shorts. Shall be a solid color of White, black, beige or the predominately the main color of the Jersey. This means that if one player is wearing sleeves all players must match the color.  Shorts must be the same for all players. Sleeves tights and compression shorts must be the same color for all players and match the headband and wristband, which need to be all the same. If not the referee will make someone take them off.



1-20 NEW: Non-playing personnel, e.g., spirit participants, media, shall remain outside of the playing area during a 30-second or less time-out during the game.  Non-playing personnel shall stand outside the free throw lane lines extended toward the sidelines throughout the game. This includes fans going out on the court to shoot baskets and then trying to have the refs call them off.

2-12-5: Sound a warning signal to begin the 15 seconds (maximum) permitted for replacing a disqualified or injured player, or for a player directed to leave the game.

9-1-3H NEW: Players occupying marked free-throw lane line spaces may not enter the free-throw semicircle until the ball touches the ring or until the free throw ends.


On the headband, there is an exception for Medical and Religious reasons. If the coaches are asked why a player is wearing a head covering and the coach states, it is for Medical or Religious reasons. The official and other team has no right to challenge.

Jewelry is completely banned, no exceptions. Only two items do not have to be removed a Religious Medal, Medical Bracelet, Medical Necklace. Although the items must be taped with medical tape.


Scores – Each coach is required to report their score to their respective division coordinators:

Reminder that after each game, each coach whether it’s home or away needs to report the game scores to the division coordinators. The division coordinators can be found below. If scores are not reported by Wednesday, the games will  be considered a tie at 0 - 0 until the scores have been reported 

3/4 Grade Boys -

  • Cory Latham - (603) 582-0167
  • coryjlatham@gmail.com

3/4 Grade Girls - 

  • Steve Lynch - NLOC- (603) 359-4592
  • stevelynch213@gmail.com

5/6 Grade Girls -

  • Ken (Skate) Murdough - Hopkinton (603) 746-5901
  • skate@mcttelecom.com

5/6 Grade Boys -

  • Kelly Martin - Henniker (603) 568-9323
  • bk1martin@comcast.net

7/8 Grade Boys - 

  • Peter Smith - (617) 448-7016
  • petergsmith06@gmail.com

7/8 Grade Girls -

  • Ken (Skate) Murdough - Hopkinton (603) 746-5901
  • skate@mcttelecom.com

High School - 

  • Kelly Martin - Henniker (603) 568-9323
  • bk1martin@comcast.net


Kelly Martin – Merrimack Basketball League President 

Skate Murdough - Merrimack Basketball League Vice President