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Coaches Rules - UPDATED

       Home team will wear white uniforms, opposing away team will wear darker uniforms.

          This rule follows NHIAA

  • ​If a player is dressed, but not playing. Please let the opposing coach know before the game.

  Equal playing time:

  • 3/4 grade - all season including playoffs.
  • 5/6, 7/8 & HS all season, except playoffs but at least 8 minutes minimum playing time. Exception is if your team is in the "A" division, there is no equal playing time.
  • The book keeper; should at all times be sitting at the table with the time clock, especially the "Home Book". Not sitting at         the bench or in a chair away from the table. 
  • On the league's website under each teams page will be the coach's name, telephone number and an email address. This information is very important. Especially if a game needs to be postponed. Please make sure the information on the website is correct and email bk1martin@comcast.net if a correction needs to be made.
  • Under the NHIAA updated rule, mouth guards ARE NOT mandatory. They will be optional.
  • Please check the leagues rules, this is where you can get additional information.
  • Due to gym availability, there will be no overtime unless you are the last game and both teams and ref agree. 3 minutes for 3/4 and 4 minutes for 5/6, 7/8 & HS.
  • Jewelry is completely banned, no exceptions. Only two items do not have to be removed, but should let the refs know and they must taped. (Religious or medical)
  • After each game, each coach will contact the division coordinator (located on the site) with their score. Please do not count on the home game coach to send in the scores. If the scores for your game are not turned in by Wednesday following your game, the scores will be entered as "0", until you report the scores. When contacting the division coordinator you wil need to let them know, grade level, boy or girls team and the team name (Henniker Martin).
  • All teams will be your town and your last name.
  • Assistant coaches will not be allowed off the bench, only for time outs. An assistant coach may step in for the head coach, if they aren't present.
  • Please remember to check the league website for your upcoming games, especially at playoff time. There maybe unexpected changes that may effect time or venue. We make every effort so this doesn't happen, but sometimes it can't be controlled.
  • If you are a coach that coach more than one team, we have tried our best to schedule games so that you could attend both games. Unfortunately, if there are any games that made this impossible, you will need to have your assistant coach or someone else stand in for you. due to the limited gym availability, sometimes its impossible to make this happen. We don't want to cancel, postpone a game, rescheduling can be challenging. 
  • Make up games - Host team will suggest 3 make up dates. If the dates don't work and the games can't be resolved. The decision will be brought to the league board to determine whethere it will be considered a tie or a loss. Make up games must be made up before the last game of the season or appeal the board.
  • Please communicate with your director and opposing coach in a timely maaner, whether you feel not safe to travel even if its a home game. The director will be to contact the refs, most likely a ref may travel even if the weather is bad. If a game needs to be reschedule, it will be up to you and the opposing team to reschedule or cancel the game. A ref will also need to be contacted for a rescheduled game.
  • If at any time there is un - sportsmanship, the league board will look into this matter, whether discipline needs to take place. If there is any contact with players or coaches, the league will look to see if a game suspension will be addressed. If there is contact with a fan, the league will look into this matter and it may result in not being allowed to attend MBL games until further notice.
  • Mercy Rule - The rule will implemented when a teamis ahead by 20 points for 3/4, 5/6 & 7/8 and 30 points for HS. It will stay in affect until the teams reach 15 points difference. The team that is ahead, cannot press and defense must be within the 3 point arc. Three point shots will not be counted. A minimum of three (3) passes must be made before a shot. If a shot is made before the three (3) passes, the shot will not be counted. There are to be no break away for the team that is up. We would like the coaches to have this conversation before the game and also discuss whether you want a running clock. The refs do not all the rules of the MBL, so please communicate with the refs as well. Please do not yell onto the court that the Mercy Rule is affect. This should be communicated with the refs and the players. A refs time out can be called to explain this to the players, but you will need to communciate this to the refs.


Kelly Martin – Merrimack Basketball League President 

Skate Murdough - Merrimack Basketball League Vice President